Copper Rain Massage

"Best massage ever!!! So relaxing. Melody has magic hands that work in unison with each. I get a numbing tingle feeling as she massages my aching body. I have Fibromyalgia and a good massage is essential. Melody definitely delivers. I have even fallen asleep several times. When I leave she gives me a bottle of water and I fell absolutely relaxed. In the past, I went to the same massage lady for over 10 years, but now that I met Melody, I will stick with her for ever. She is magical. The ambience is very relaxing. She lowers the lights and there is soothing music playing to help a person relax even more. You will not regret going to Copper Rain Massage by Melody." - Mary S. Dec 2017

"I booked a one hour session and found it to be an exceptional experience. Melody took great care to assess my needs and was attentive to my comfort level throughout the session. Her therapy room is clean, quiet and very relaxing. Her skill level is top notch and it's apparent from the first minute that she loves what she does and takes pride in being the best. I've already booked my next session and will continue to work with her in the future." - David M. Oct 2017

"Hands down the best out there! Won't go anywhere else!" - Chris P.  Sep 2017

"the service I received was very professional and I will go back again." - Herman M.  Sep 2017

"I booked massage for shoulder and neck pain and tension. It was very relaxing and I felt great all evening, I will defiantly be booking again! I was a little skeptacle about it being in a private residence but it was very professional and the massage room was wonderful!" - Lori P.  Sep 2017

"I was kind of nervous at first, it was my first massage and I was in a lot of pain. But Mrs. Melody ran through the steps with me & the hour went by pretty fast. I've told a good number of friends so I hope they visit soon, I know I will for sure! - Gregory F.  Aug 2017

"Everything about Melody's approach to massage is beneficial for your health. The room, the music, the soft table and face cradle, the lotion - it was all magnificent. As a practice massage therapist I really appreciated her touch. Thanks Melody!' - Anonymous Aug 2017

"Great experience! Relaxing and professional environment. Very attentive massage therapist! She is very concerned with the needs and happiness of the client! It was also extremely affordable. Will definitely be going to her once a month now! Thanks Melody for a wonderful experience!" - Danielle B.  Aug 2017

"I've had about half a dozen different massages from different therapists, but this one was definitely the best session I have had!" - Alonso D.  Jul 2017

"She is a great massage therapist. She was really good at finding and removing the knots of tension around my shoulders and lower back." - Mai Anh N.  Jul 2017

"wish i could get one every week,didn't want it to stop,fantastic" - George M.  Jun 2017

"She starts out by putting you in a relaxing atmosphere. Then with her skill you almost go into a coma. I don't think I have ever been so relaxed." - Craig M.  Jun 2017

"Melody has skills !!! You will not be disappointed; until your time with her is over of course." - Ronald L.  Jun 2017

"Very nice and relaxing massage." - Bobby R.  Jun 2017

"Melody was warm and welcoming! The massage was amazing, she is very skilled. I appreciate that she was concerned for my comfort the entire time." - Staci G.  Jun 2017

"I had the 90-minute massage and Melody gave the ultimate experience. She asked how the pressure was and had a sweet spirit. I would definitely recommend her services!" - Shante H.  May 2017

"Can't wait to go back!"Anonymous  May 2017

"Melody is a Master at Relaxation" - Carey M.  May 2017

"Very personalized. Calming atmosphere. On time and utilized full hour appointment." - Anonymous  May 2017

"Melody was very kind and professional. She worked on the areas I asked. She respected my request to only have my troubled areas worked on. Everything was nice and clean, and atmosphere was good, nothing over the top." - Irene V.  May 2017

"Loved the massage and I am glad I did it .. cant wait to book my next appointment , hopefully soon. Melody is great and made me feel very comfortable since this was my first massage." - Alefiya K.  May 2017

"Had one of the best massages ever yesterday! Thank you so much Melody, for taking the time to explain your technique and address any questions I had! I feel amazing today and look forward to my next massage!" - Nancy F.  May 2017

"Really enjoyed this massage experience!! Melody is a true professional and seems to know and understand what she is doing. Thank you for the wonderful experience." - Teffany K.  May 2017

"With having experienced about a dozen massages from maternity, massage envy, to high end spas like The Jule and Hotel ZaZa, my experience with Melody was the best massage I've had! I had reservations about going to someone's home, but it was nothing short of a very nice spa! I'll be back!" - Taryn M.  May 2017

"Even though the massage is done at her house, the ambience and professionalism is incomparable. Great skills and technique." - Casandra O.  May 2017

"Amazing massage .. would definitely visit again"Anonymous  May 2017

"Fantastic customer service and great massage! Put me to sleep it was so relaxing. Will be going back!"Anonymous  Apr 2017

"One of the best massage I got in a long time. Very relaxing setting and Melody was very attentive of my needs. I would definitely go back." - Gwen C.  Apr 2017

"My second massage was just as wonderful as the first. Melody has a soft but firm touch that hits all the tight spots just right. I felt relaxed and tension free leaving. Thanks for a wonderful experience" - Mary T.  Apr 2017

"Very nice quiet restful environment."Anonymous  Apr 2017

"Melody was very understanding at my needs and she worked on the areas that I needed the most. I would highly recommend Melody." - Anonymous  Apr 2017

"Melody is very professional and has all the skills for an excellent massage." - Julie W.  Apr 2017

"Amazing place , professional people, clean place thanks." - Angel A.  Apr 2017

"It was a great experience, very professional and friendly." - Marvin M.  Apr 2017

"The massage was wonderful and relaxing. The ambiance was almost like an oasis. Melody was very nice and professional." - Dat T.  Apr 2017

"Melody was very professional, knowledgeable, and affordable. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for an amazing massage and I will definitely be back." - Michael B.  Apr 2017

"Very Professional and Friendy. Highly recommend. Will def go back. You won't be disappointed !!" - Freddy S.  Apr 2017

"Melody is very professional. Her home is beautiful and her spa area is tranquil and relaxing." - Anonymous  Apr 2017

"I like everything but not the cost ... I can't afford it without discount that I had this time !" - Lakaya F.  Apr 2017

"I really enjoyed the massage. Melody is very nice and professional. Highly recommended!" - Biana G.  Apr 2017

"Great experience.....I will be booking again!!" - Beverly W.  Apr 2017

"Everything was great. Not a single complaint to be hand. She made my first massage experience very enjoyable." - C.J. K.  Apr  2017

"No dislikes. Thoroughly enjoyed. I will go again." - Laronda B.  Mar 2017

"I enjoyed my massage very much! I would love to return and I will definitely recommend Melody to my friends and family." - Bobbi P.  Mar 2017

"Melody has a slower more methodical approach to the massage. She also incorporated some stretching while manipulating the muscles as well in certain areas which I found very beneficial. She's very conscientious about the amount of pressure she's applying to ensure that she's working the muscles, but not causing uncomfortable pain levels. I find her setup very relaxing and accommodating." - Trevor P.  Mar 2017

"The best massage I have had! Usually, although I fill out the information sheet with my problem areas the therapist seems to not even pay attention....not in this case! I was very impressed. Melody is very nice and pays attention to the areas you say are bothering you. She is very professional and I was very comfortable." - Danielle H.  Mar 2017

"It is one of the best massage I had. She is very experienced therapist. Definitely go back." - Anonymous  Mar 2017

"Melody was very professional and made you feel very comfortable before and during the massage. With my hectic work schedule, she is even available on the weekends to make it convenient for you. I already scheduled my next appointment! Highly recommend Melody!" - Justin P.  Mar 2017

"Melody is Excellent...she truly listens to massage style requests and has created a relaxing and enjoyable environment for massage. Definitely want to book the 90 minute massage at some point, as the 60 minute was awesome. Hope to book an appointment again soon!" - Elizabeth W.  Mar 2017

"Excellent!!!" - Kay P.  Mar 2017

"I absolutely loved this place. I didn't know what to expect seeing this is my first massage however she made me feel so comfortable. She took me to a place of serene that is unexplained. I enjoyed the massage and the tone of the atmosphere. It felt so good that i feel asleep and she had to wake me up twice. Still today my body feels good. I can HONESTLY say I will be using her services going forward." - Venetric J.  Mar 2017

"Perfect blend of therapeutic and relaxing" - Tanya F.  Mar 2017

"Very sweet and friendly. She was welcoming and open to talking or not talking during the massage. I really enjoyed the massage!!" - Rachel B.  Mar 2017

"Best massage I have had in a long time. Will definitely go back" - Cindy S.  Mar 2017

"5 stars all the way!!" - Jessica H.  Feb 2017

"Excellent Massage, loved it." - Abdul A.  Feb 2017

"Melody talked with me before the session to get an understanding of my needs. This was something that not many massage Techs do. After that she addressed the needs very well I Highly recommend Melody at Cooper Rain" - Kevin J.  Feb 2017

"She is a very nice lady, professional and caring. Facility was excellent there was even a rest room available." - Frank G.  Feb 2017

"This was my first massage and was very impressed with Melody's professionalism and skills. The massage has helped my neck and upper back problems. She did really great job and customized her treatment individually. Will have her for our family needs. Highly recommended." - Ina K.  Feb 2017

"What a wonderful experience! Melody was very professional and knowledgable regarding her craft. I hope you be able to have more work done on my hips next time so I will be going back!" - Rebekah R.  Feb 2017

"She was incredible and very fluid with everything. So grateful for that massage!" - Kristan S.  Feb 2017

"Very professional and knows her business. Melody is a very thorough massage therapist." - Cindy R.  Feb 2017

"Melody was awesome. Friendly, professional and graciously pretended not to notice when I fell asleep on her table. Go see her- she's well priced and an awesome massage therapist. You won't regret it!" - Jennifer C.  Feb 2017

"Melody was amazing. Very professional and pressure was perfect for me. She is very good at asking you what your pressure preference is." - Gina W.  Feb 2017

"all worked fine." - Jimmy C.  Feb 2017

"Melody did a great job. I've already passed her info to two friends." - Cindy B.  Feb 2017

"I felt comfortable and really appreciated working my schedule" - Mike L.  Feb 2017

"Melody was very professional, her home is lovely and her massage salon is very clean and welcoming. My massage was yesterday and I rested better last night than I have in a long time. She did an amazing job and I will be a repeat customer." - Vicki W.  Jan 2017

"Excellent Massage" - Yanche N.  Jan 2017

"I was made to feel comfortable and she did a very thorough job." - Anonymous  Jan 2017

"The massage was great" - Shane W. - Jan  2017

"She was absolutely amazing and worked hard to make sure everything went well for me" - Niloy C.  Jan 2017

"I will be a regular!!" - Maggie Rose M. - Jan  2017

"Melody gave the best massage I've ever experienced. She finds out your needs and expectations and then delivers with a massage that covers the entire timeframe booked. I'm looking forward to having another one soon. I would recommend her to anyone!" - Carie C,  Jan 2017

"Absolutely awesome massage! Looking forward to my next one!" - Anonymous  Jan 2017

"One of the best massages I have ever had. Her technique was very fluid and soothing yet firm enough that my trouble spots were worked out." - Lisa W.  Jan 2017

"Melody was so flexible when I had a delay. She understood my needs well and addressed them completely. The only thing I would improve is to update the sheets to be a little softer." - Charity B.  Jan 2017

"A perfect, relaxing massage! Wonderful atmosphere and just the right amount of pressure used in each area of my body. I will definitely be visiting Melody again" - Amy F.  Jan 2017

"Highly recommend! Great massage." - Gaelle J.  Jan 2017

"She was amazing." - Anonymous  Jan 2017

"Melody was great. I really enjoyed my massage. I will definitely be a returning customer." - Karissa M.  Jan 2017

"The massage was just what I needed. Great atmosphere and she was very professional." - Frances S.  Jan 2017

"I loved my massage! Melody is amazing! The pressure was great. I've already booked my next one. I was pleasantly surprised with the massage room. It's big so you don't feel like you're in a small, dark room. She's extremely professional and checks in with you to make sure you're comfortable. I'd give her 10 stars!!!" - Stephanie J.  Jan 2017

"My massage experience was perfect in every way. It was one of the best. I'll be back for sure." - Mark A.  Jan 2017

"Great experience. The massage truly felt customized to my needs." - Anonymous  Dec 2016

"She was fantastic! I left feeling the most rejuvenated that I have in about a year! Will definitely be going again and again!" - Richard O.  Dec 2016

"Melody is very talented and thorough and she obviously enjoys her profession. She is very attentive to your needs and the atmosphere is super relaxing and inviting. Overall a great massage experience!" - Ron B.  Dec 2016

"Melody was absolutely awesome! The work space was clean and extremely relaxing. Several times during my 90 minute massage she asked me how I liked the amount of pressure she was using if I needed her to use more pressure or lighten up on the pressure. She was very nice and took the time to make sure I was happy." - Anonymous  Dec 2016

"Great experience! I'm glad I bought the 3 sessions" - Ariela F  Dec 2016

"Loved it. Everything about it is perfect. Would highly recommend Melody and her practice to everyone." - Kelly H.  Dec 2016

"Loved it! Felt totally relaxed after :)" - Alefiya T.  Dec 2016

"Very professional." - Katie Y.  Dec 2016

"Best massage in a long time. Will be returning again!" - Janet D.  Dec 2016

"Great massage!" - Melody V.  Dec 2016

"Skilled and professional with pleasant demeanor" - Sharaf D.  Dec 2016

"Melody was fantastic. I'll definitely use her again. I already referred my brother to her and will be referring others. She's far from me, but worth the drive." - Nancy M.  Dec 2016

"Great massage by Melody. Experience was very relaxing." - Anonymous Nov 2016

"Melody was wonderful! the best massage I've ever had. I came in with shoulder pain and woke up with no pain at all. She has great technique and the perfect balance of pressure and gentleness. I highly recommend her and will be back to visit soon!"  - Kayla C.   Nov 2016

"I had a wonderful experience at Copper Rain Massage! The only thing I would have asked for was relaxing music without words. But I know the therapist would have done this if I had asked. I will go again and refer my friends!!" - Anonymous Nov 2016

"This professional massage not only enjoy 60 minutes, but it is a really help to my body. I recommend everyone." - Svitlana A.  Nov 2016

"What a great massage. Melody was amazing!" - Samantha W.  Nov 2016

"Very nice lady - very professional - very dependable!" - R.K Nov 2016

"Awesome massage" - Cody A.  Nov 2016

"One of the best massages I've ever received." - Harsimran M.  Nov 2016

"Relaxing experience" - Michael R.  Nov 2016

"Was very nice, peaceful, and professional" - Dwight T.  Oct 2016

"Phenomenal massage! Excellent pressure. Extremely professional. I highly recommend Melody!" - Steve S.  Oct 2016

"Loved it will be back" - Ken B.  Oct 2016

"There is nothing to dislike At Copper Rain, Melody Is Absolutely Wonderful!" - Ken N.  Oct 2016

"Melody is a true professional with an amazing gift. I could barely lift my arm or lay on my side from muscle pain and with just one visit I had significant improvement. I highly recommend Melody!"   - Lisa N.  Sep 2016

"I liked Melody's technique and her music."  - Lynn M.  Aug 2016

"Great massage"   - Brent C.  Aug 2016

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